Who am I? It’s kind of hard to answer in a short space but I’ll try to give you some idea.

My sons left home, my hair turned grey, and my body started to let me down badly. Then I discovered Johnny Depp, lost weight, gained confidence, dyed my hair red and started to rebel. I’m over fifty, but my mind refuses to believe it.

I’m allergic to cats, but I love dogs and have two ex-racing greyhounds. I can’t stand Pink Floyd, have a soft spot for The Monkees and love Paganini. I read – a lot. I love books ranging from non-fiction and reference, through Dick Francis and Terry Pratchett to Ian Banks and Thomas Hardy with a heavy dose of romance and a sprinkling of erotica thrown in for good measure.

I’m married to a very special and slightly eccentric man whose name is Yellow Swordfish, though I’m sure he was called something else when I married him in 1976. We live in a very flat part of England but we both love hills, and when we can agree on where to go, we’ll move to a bumpy bit, preferably with a stream and some trees.

Here are some of the things you will find in this blog –

Humour. My sort of humour. It might make you laugh, it might not.

Swearing. This is an adult site. There will, from time to time, be swearwords and adult content.

Commentary on life, the universe and pretty much anything that takes my fancy.

Nature photography. This is likely to include insects and other creepy crawlies, so be warned if you’re phobic about small creatures with lots of legs, and faces that don’t look much like yours.

Self-indulgence. It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to.

And talking of self-indulgence, Johnny Depp. He’s bound to turn up on a regular basis. I can’t help it, I have JDOCD. You want to know why it’s called The Depp Effect? Go and read this.

All photographs on the site are either my own work, or taken from free-to-use sites on the internet, unless otherwise stated.

None of the content of this site may be copied, hotlinked or posted elsewhere without permission – but please feel free to link to my site, and if you want to use one of my photos, please ask. I’m unlikely to say no, providing it’s not used to condone something I don’t like. I’d also appreciate it if you give me credit.