Are you getting tired of Macro Monday yet?

I’m not! I am having great fun!

Take a look at this one. Now, what on earth could it be? I suppose you want some clues.

Well, most often you’ll see these outdoors, though I’ve certainly seen them indoors in several different locations. This particular one is English, and I know you’ll find them in Europe. I don’t know if you’ll see just the same in other parts of the world, but pretty much everywhere has its own version – or many versions; they just look a bit different. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some a slightly different shape or a different colour. They are all basically the same thing, though, and serve the same purpose whichever version they are attached to.

Can you buy them? Well, yes, you can. Do many people buy them? No. Apparently schools do, sometimes, but I know of nobody personally who has made that purchase. And of course, you can’t just buy the bit you see here, you have to buy the whole thing! Tee hee.

Take a guess, and pop your answer in the comments. I’ll be back Tuesday evening (UK time) to add the answer to the bottom of this post in the form of a picture link.

Meanwhile, why not click over to Macro Monday 2 to see what other bloggers have found for you? They’re not all puzzles, but you’ll see some great macro photography!


It’s Tuesday evening here in the UK and here I am with the answer.  Go here to see the full picture and be amazed!

The first one of you to get it right was Lori of What Remains Now.  However, I am giving joint first place to Houndstooth because she guessed even more precisely AND had bought some at school!  Well, well. Now I do know someone who has done that!

Also correct were Rob Lenihan, Birgitta, Hannah, Stewart and Susie Clevenger.  Well done everybody!  Now I know for sure not many of you have actually seen these things up close so it’s pretty damn good to get all these correct guesses.  I’m impressed!

I must also just make honourable mention of Herman Turnip who guessed ‘dragonfly tail’.  It’s not correct, but it sounds plausible, and it was in the right ball park, as they say.



I thought I’d give you a nice easy puzzle for Macro Monday today!

This is something … hmm.  Well, I was going to say that everyone would be familiar with them, but then I wondered if that was actually true.  Certainly in the Western World they are well known.

I don’t know what clues to give you, because so many things I could say would give the game away toot sweet, so let me think a minute.



Yeah … well.  Okay, here we go:

The things that you can do with these things vary a bit, but are quite limited.  And they won’t last you a lifetime, that’s for sure.

Some people like them, some people love them, some people really don’t care for them at all.

They are a little temperature and humidity dependent, and rather fragile, and this can put their price up.  Of course, this doesn’t always matter to those who can .. um .. ‘produce’ their own and don’t have to go and buy them!

For those who do love them, they bring joy, albeit of a short-lived nature.  Still, as with everything else, if the joy weren’t temporary, it would become commonplace and lose its value, would it not?

Now you have all the clues I’m willing to give you.  Take your best shot, and post it in the comments. If you pop back tomorrow evening (that’s Tuesday, UK time), I’ll add the answer, in the form of a picture link, to the end of this post.

Happy guessing!

And there you go! A nice easy one, but not so easy that everyone got it right! Excellent!

So, here is the answer, and you will see that Emma was the first to answer and the first to guess correctly! Well done, Emma – shame you don’t have a blog, really, so I can’t give you a link-back!

Next up came Taffy’s Mum, also without a blog! And then we have Lori, Rob Lenihan and Liz, followed by Babs, Houndstooth, Dew Drops and Birgitta. Very well spotted all of you. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

I hope you enjoyed playing this week. Pop along next Macro Monday and have another go!


I missed HTBH last week, because I was so busy with this and that, but I missed doing it – I really did!  So I’m happy to be back with another edition this week.

Lots of good things have happened since I last wrote.  One thing that made me quite ridiculously happy is the orange and black caterpillar up there.  Funny looking little thing, isn’t he, with his little fluffy ‘ears’ and his forked tail?  It took a lot of searching, and a post on a wildlife forum to confirm it, but I can now tell you that he is a very, very young Puss Moth caterpillar.

I was glad to find out, because he was found on one of our cars and I wanted to make sure to put him on the correct food plant so he wouldn’t die.   The Puss Moth is quite beautiful, so I’m including a link for the non-mottephobes among you.

For the next little dose of happy-dancing delight, I give you …


One beautiful, tight head of radicchio, all ready to cut! Now, it’s nigh-on impossible to buy a whole head of radicchio around here, unless we happen to drive over the other side of town to the Italian supermarket on a Thursday, and when we get there, we find that they have neither failed to buy any or sold out of what they did buy. So I’m really pleased to have some in my own garden to use in our friend Umberto’s famous risotto recipe.

There are other veggies coming along nicely, too. Here are the beans:


There should be a nice handful ready for my next hot dinner. Umberto also does a lovely dish of trofie with potatoes and green beans. Maybe I should cook that next?

I also have some nice little green tomatoes, and also some flowers on the zucchini. Excellent!

There are a few flowers in my garden too. I have ‘Beautiful James’ and ‘Susan’ roses out at the moment, and also these gorgeous little ‘Crystal Palace’ lobelia.


These tiny flowers, clustered together, are an absolutely beautiful colour somewhere between blue and purple. I’m not sure this photo does them justice, but they make me smile every time I look at them.

So there you are: How to be happy!


Oh, I could go on, and include the twins and the dogs and so on, but I know half of you would give up reading if I made the post too long!

Do grab the badge and join in, and tell us what made you happy this week.

It’s the little things, you know!


Last week’s Macro Monday was easy, wasn’t it?  Try this one!

I don’t think many of you will find this one too difficult, either, actually. It’s a common enough object, and while it’s doubtful whether anyone really studies it this closely, I think with a little thought, you should be able to guess.  Well. Maybe you will, anyway!

What clues can I give you?  Hmm … let’s see …

Not all of these look the same.  The size varies and the shape varies, though they vary within quite a narrow range.  The colour varies.  Other parameters vary too, though some things always stay the same, one of which is shown in the picture.

Does everyone have this in their home?  No.  In fact, it got a bit of a bad press a few years ago and many people stopped buying and using it.  I still do though, and so does the owner of this one, clearly!

Take a guess and leave your answer in the comments.  As usual, I’ll be back with the answer in the form of a picture link tomorrow evening (Tuesday, UK time) – and I’ll expect to see at least half of you getting it right!

Maybe you all will!  Good luck on that.

Oh dear. Not very many guessers this week, and all of you failed to get it right.  I thought it was so simple, too!

Go here to see what was puzzling you this week, and perhaps I’ll get the next one posted on time and attract a few more commenters and make next week’s game a little more fun!