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QMark300That’s me. Apparently.

I wondered why people kept looking at me funny.

Take the quiz and find out what is says about you!


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AmbulanceWhile out walking the dogs, I suddenly felt quite odd. Shaky, and hot, and a little bit dizzy. I had to sit down on a stile.

Other Half was concerned: ‘Are you alright? Do you want me to call an ambulance?’

Me: ‘Not unless it’s manned by two handsome young men.

OH: ‘I can put in a request.’

You can see it now, can’t you? Imagine OH ringing the ambulance service.

OH: ‘I need an ambulance for my wife – she’s come over all funny on our dog walk!’

Ambulance service: ‘What are her symptoms?’

OH: ‘She’s feeling very hot, and she’s shaky. Oh, and she says could she have two handsome young men in the ambulance?’

Ambulance service: ‘How old is she?

*OH answers*

Ambulance service: ‘So … she’s the wrong side of fifty, she’s suddenly feeling very hot and she wants two handsome young men?’ Background laughter. ‘Just leave her to sit quietly for ten minutes. She’ll be fine. Oh, and it might be worth having a word with her doctor about HRT.’

I didn’t get the ambulance. Pity. I still think the two young men would have helped.

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FJADolls‘You’ve abandoned me!’

The frantic wail wafted to my ears from the office. I was puzzled, because I was still sitting exactly where I’d been when Other Half had walked out of the lounge not two minutes earlier. I waited, and after a momet, his footsteps approached.

‘You’ve abandoned me!’ came again the plaintive cry. ‘I’m heartbroken!!!’

What on earth was the man talking about?

Turned out he was talking about dolls.

I had been sitting between him and Fred and now I’d been taken off to another location with Fred, leaving Other Half alone. Well, I hadn’t … the Doll me had. And Fred isn’t really here (sadly), just the Doll Fred. Confused? Let me explain.

A very good Depp friend of mine, who goes by the name of Heathrow for reasons I won’t go into here, took it into her head one day to make little caricature dolls of her friends, based on some cartoony drawings which another friend had done. They are really quite enchanting, and somehow, despite being cartoony, they really do seem to look like us. She is very talented.

So, then she made some caricature dolls of Johnny Depp characters for her most favoured friends, of whom I am honoured to be one. Normally, Me Doll sits next to Fred Abberline Doll on my desk, but we had spent a week with OH Doll – for he had been honoured with one too. Anyway, I was asked to take some photos so I’d moved them all around, and that’s what caused OH to have a little mini-meltdown.

Oh, sod it. Go read the story of the dolls over here – Yellow Swordfish tells it so much better than I do! But don’t get excited – Heathrow doesn’t take orders.

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Doris Mash has tagged me. It’s my very first tag! I’m quite excited – pathetic, isn’t it? Anyway, here you go -

Six random things about me

1 – I’ve lived in New Zealand for a year

2 – I never drink alcohol, though not through choice (it’s a medical thing)

3 – I have fibromyalgia

4 – I’ve met Johnny Depp, and more than once

5 – I love knives, especially those all-in-one stainless steel ones

6 – I hold a full motorcycle licence

And here are the rules.

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· Write six random things about yourself.
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