That’s my suitcase, that is. It’s packed, and almost ready to go flying across The Pond on Monday to Washington DC.

OH and I will meet up with some good friends and spend a couple of days sightseeing in DC before picking up Tennessee Jenn at the airport and heading down to Delaware for the annual greyhound gathering.

Dewey Beach is just a little seaside town, but on Columbus Day weekend it will be bursting at the seams with literally thousands of greyhounds and their owners.  I think the last time we went, about five and a half thousand dogs were registered to attend.  It’s quite a sight, walking on the beach in the morning, or strolling along the streets.  And of course there are the vendor tents where all kinds of greyhound goodies are on sale, from raincoats and collars to artwork and jewellery for both hounds and people.  And yes, I will be going in those!

So I’m going to be a little busy for the next three weeks, because after Dewey, we’ll be flying to Denver, driving through The Rockies, and enjoying the sunshine in Utah and Nevada.  As usual, Son No. 1 will be taking care of the house for us, and Sid will be off on his own little holiday. He’s going back to his trainer, to live in her house with her other dogs, just as if he never left.  I hope he’s pleased to see us when we get back!

I’ll still be popping in here and putting up the odd post, because my trusty laptop will be travelling with me, but I probably won’t get around to everyone’s blog for a while.  I’ll do my best to visit my commenters and faithful regulars, but I won’t have access to my newsreader.

Oh, and that mess of clothes on the bed next to my suitcase?  Those are the things I wanted to take but simply wouldn’t fit.

And I said I was travelling light this time …