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Today, we have Jack, AKA The Pirate, posing for the letter ‘Z‘ in the last week of this round of ABC Wednesday. He looks like a pirate here – in particular, his namesake Jack Sparrow, who was always wondering why the rum was gone. Well, well.  I wonder!

But what has all this to do with ‘Z‘?

Well, I’ll tell you. Jack looks a little zonked here, which would be quite good all by itself, but in fact I chose that picture for another reason. Look carefully at that bony little face, and you’ll notice that there is a nice round curve to his face just under that right eye. There’s one the other side too, of course, but you can’t see it so well.  Anyway.  That is the zygomatic arch, otherwise known as the cheekbone.  We have them too – Johnny Depp’s cheekbones are justly famous.  He has a very pretty pair of zygomatic arches!  So my little Pirate was well-named, don’t you think?

You’ll probably be able to spot them in this picture too, now you know where they are.   But look!


Look at his shoulder!  He’s showing us a very nice sideways ‘Z‘ indeed, as a ripple in his fur – it’s actually folds of skin pushed up to his tag collar by his scapula, which doesn’t begin with ‘Z‘ but I thought while we were on the subject of anatomy, you might like to know.  Oh, and look how zig-zaggy the Princess’ fur is!

Not to be outdone, The Princess managed a very creditable ‘Z‘ of her own, this week -


Using her front leg!

The Princess was such a lovely dog.  We called her ‘Prissy Paws’ sometimes, because she was so dainty about walking in the wet, or in mud, or even gravel.  But one day she mis-stepped and cut her paw on some glass, and then she had one very Prissy Paw indeed!


The little purple sock is actually specially made to protect injuries to the paws and keep them dry.  They look like deflated balloons and they’re called … wait for it! … PawZ!  They’re re-usable, and they’re not too expensive – and she’s wearing royal purple, not because she was a Princess, but because that’s the colour code for her siZe!

She was a laZy girl, and spent a lot of her time snooZing on the sofa.


but occasionally, she could be quite zippy!


The Americans on the greyhound forum call this ‘doing the zoomies‘.

Unfortunately, I can’t claim that the greyhound statuettes on the shelf behind that sofa are brass, which is a pity, since it’s an alloy of copper and zinc. But some of them are bronZe, and some are bronze-coloured resin.  However, the fancy collar and leads here all have solid brass hardware.


They used to belong to my Princess, so they don’t get used any more.

Talking of zoomies, remember Billy WhiZZ?


He’s the pretty silvery brindle pictured here with Sid.  He very nearly had to lose a leg too, because he separated the growth plate on one hind leg and it wasn’t healing, but I’m happy to say he kept the leg and is now doing fine,  He’ll never race for his living, but he can still do some pretty zippy zoomies!

Let’s end with a picture of the lovely Sid.  Here he is, catching some rays out on the patio.  Catching some ‘Zzzzz‘s, too!



Are you all ready for this week’s Macro Monday puzzle? I’m guessing so! After last week, I imagine you’re all rubbing your hands in gleeful anticipation: will you do it again? Will this be another victory for you?

Well, will it?

I can’t decide if this one’s going to be another pushover, or if it will stump you. Clues? Oh, alright then!

Let me see … Not everyone has one of these, but most people will know about them, at least. I think my family first got one when I was about twelve years old – and what a novelty it was! Not that us kids were allowed to use it, but I remember my mother alternately blessing and cursing the thing, though it did save her a lot of work.

This item can only do one basic thing, though it’s amazing how useful that one thing is. You can apply it to many different situations – now pretty much all of them can be done without it, but it just makes things easier and often, very much quicker.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can add without giving it away, so off you go. Have a little think, and then pop your answer in the comments and come back tomorrow evening (UK time) when the answer should be here in the form of a picture link at the bottom of this post. No doubt Silverback will prod me if I’m late, he usually does!

As always, I won’t answer comments until then because it’s so easy to give latecomers an unfair advantage if we start discussing it. But if nobody has any clue whatsover, I will sometimes add an extra clue – but only if nobody is close. ‘Kay?

See y’all tomorrow! Have fun!

OK – Since nobody is close, I’ve added an extra clue in the comments.

You need ANOTHER clue?? Alright. Check further down in the comments …

Alright, everyone, you’ve had long enough! Congratulations go to Teresa this week, as the only person who guessed correctly – well done, Teresa! Bonus points to Jake, Brinkbeestinenglish and Mara for their amusing comments, and to DBM for sheer, good-natured persistence!

The answer is here.

Easy when you know, isn’t it?


See that handsome greyhound up there? That’s my beautiful James – he was our first greyhound! We adopted him way back in early 1994. Mr Yellow Swordfish chose him, but James had other ideas and very soon indeed he was firmly my dog. We had a lot of fun together, Jim and I. But this week it’s the letter Y in the ABC Wednesday alphabet, isn’t it? It’s OK. You see, James (or Jim or Jimbo or Jimblebum, or any of the other affectionate names he answered to) was very young when that picture was taken – and anyway, I’m sure you’ve already spotted the yellow in the pattern on his pillow!

I think he was about two then, because that was the very first dog picture I saved on my first computer. It goes by the title of ‘Dog1′.

He loved being in the thick of things. When our son went off to university, he was busy loading up the car and suddenly noticed that he had a dog among the boxes, apparently trying to stow away.


The car was a SsangYong Musso – it was a nice drive but underpowered. Anyway, I see that Son No. 1 had a yellow box among his possessions, and another with yellow on it. Yes, I’m afraid you’re going to be seeing a lot of yellow this week, aren’t you?

Anyway, Jim, being a white dog, was easy to spot when we took him for walks over the fields, but when we added Renie, we soon discovered that a brindle greyhound kind of disappeared among the foliage. Yes, our new dog was camouflage coloured! So ..


We bought her a nice ‘Spot the dog’ flourescent yellow neckerchief! Worked a treat, as you see.

She was the one who took a fancy to our yellow armchairs, too!


Aah .. she was very young when that picture was taken – you can see that her face hadn’t gone grey yet. Since we’ve had them some years, the armchairs are quite worn and battered now, but still comfy.

Are you tired of all the yellow? Okay, how about a picture of Jack (the one who loved yellow toys, yes, that’s right!), but with no yellow in the picture at all, apart from the little golden guy himself, of course.


Bless him, he’s yawning! And yes, I forgot the yellow wall!!

So. How about an attempt by The Princess to demonstrate the letter Y for you?


Hmm. Perhaps if she’d tucked her head in a bit? Never mind, she did her best, and had fun doing it by the look of things!

But what’s this?


What could have caused that ‘Y‘ shaped skid mark in the lawn? Yep, that was Sid. You see, he has the habit of racing full tilt right up to someone, then throwing himself to the ground instead of braking properly. I expect it’s the missing leg that does it. Anyway, he often produces a ‘Y‘ where his front legs and chest hit the grass!

Here he is, looking innocent.


He’s licking out a foil roasting tin which had turkey cooked in it. YUM!

Of course, he’s just as happy riding in the car as he is walking.


If you look very carefully, you will see he’s wearing a microchip tag, which is yellow and black (you thought I’d forgotten about yellow, didn’t you?) but more to the point, the car in which he is riding is a ToYota Yaris! Which is not only a better drive than the SsangYong, but more reliable. It’s nice and low, with a perfectly flat floor in the back, and a great yawning cavern of a space in the back which is pretty nearly perfect for the dogs!

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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, let’s see if this Macro Monday puzzle is easier for you!

This photograph was taken outside the home. Although this object is usually found indoors, more and more of them have been ‘escaping’ as it were. Now you often see them outside, most commonly in one of two particular situations, although there are exceptions to that rule. You can use it by itself, or together with one (or two) other similar thing(s).

All Westernised countries have them but I believe there are some cultures where you still might not see one, and if you do, they might be something of a rarity. They can be made of various different materials, and the size and appearance vary a bit, but the one in the picture is typical.

So what is it?

I really do think this one is fairly easy, so I’m expecting a better showing this week. Come along now, you know you can do it! A few more ‘winners’ if you please!

Well, that’s a most excellent showing! Pretty nearly all of you got this one! Don’t Bug Me takes the honour of being the first to answer correctly, but well done all of you! So, there being no clear winner (or three) in guessing what this is, I’m going to appoint Janet and Gattina the joint winners of the ‘Most inventive wrong guess’ category, and Shooting Parrots and BrinkbeestinEnglish tie for the ‘Most amusing comment this week’. Thanks for the laughs, you four!

Oh yeah. Here’s the picture link

And once again, thanks for playing!