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Well, I’m back home from the Italian holiday and great fun it was, too, but I am exhausted.  It’ll take me a few days to get back into the swing of things, so this will be another fairly quick posting, but I didn’t want to miss a week, now did I?

So ABC Wednesday is on the letter ‘M‘, and a moment’s riffling through the memory banks brought to mind a shop I’d seen in Venice last May.


But what is it?  At first, it looked much like a pregnant mouse to me … but no.  It’s a costume for a masquerade, and this is a mask shop.

Apparently, this is one of the things Venice is famous for, and I have to admit they are rather marvellousMask shops are everywhere – and you can see them in various stages of production, made from metal, card, paper or more modern materials, like resin.  Most of the ones you see on sale for tourists are a kind of papier maché – like these


I wonder what it would be like to go to a masked ball or masquerade wearing one of these aMazing masks?  I think we might call that ‘mummery‘!

Then I remembered the island of Murano.  This is the main shopping ‘street’.


A little on the moist side for shopping?  Well, no worries, there are pavements each side, and many bridges, so no need to get your feet wet!  And as our English summer slides into chilly autumn, I rather envy the man in the boat, chugging gently along in the sunshine.  But more of Murano later!  They do some incredible miniatures in glass … but that’s for another week!

What else?  Well, might a market count?  This one was closing down for the day, with only one trader still open.


Looks like she had quite a few last-minute customers!

And I thought that the fish market was unusual and photogenic –


And to me, at least, far more appealing when empty, than full of malodorous fish!

Closer at hand is the Market Gate area of shops in Market Deeping.   As you can see, it’s like a miniature mall, with a number of small shops inside.


Here’s a closer look at that board, so you can read the names of the shops which are inside.


There’s Martin’s the florist, and Mr Cobbler, and you can get your meat at Grasmere Farm butchers … but what ‘Market Minder‘ is, I can’t tell you!  Maybe I’ll mosey on down there sometime and find out.

You can see many more ABC posts by visiting Mrs Nesbitt’s blog! Pop along now, why don’t you?

Hello, faithful readers! This is our last Macro Monday away from home, so we’ll be back to the usual format next week – you know, the one where I won’t let you see the answer till the next day! Am I mean, or what? Mwahahaha!!

Take a look at this picture, and see if you can guess what it is –


Mmm – shiny! But what … ?

Well, firstly, let me tell you that it is inside the house, and that’s where it belongs. I use it quite frequently, but since I have another – better! – one, not as frequently as I used to use it.

What else can I say that won’t give it away entirely?

Hmm. Let me think.

Well, remember it’s a macro picture, which means that it’s 1:1 scale or bigger, and this one is definitely larger than life. As you can see, it’s been very well used, as it’s intended to be used. Pointless really, to have one and not use it.

It’s kind of a safety thing, and yet not. Well, it is, but you wouldn’t want your children to play with it, put it like that.

So. Any guesses? Do your best, and leave your answers in the comments, then you can go here to see the whole thing and see if you were right. Here’s the original view.

If I can, I’ll pop in tomorrow evening to read the comments, answer any that need it, and perhaps add a bit more information.

Have fun – and see you next week!

What, is it ABC Wednesday again already? I guess so! I’m still away from home so .. here’s one I prepared earlier!

Still on my theme of shops and shopping, here’s part of a large and interesting window display from a shop in Venice.


Mostly cakes and pastries, but do you like those fat brightly coloured laces of liquorice in the bottom right corner? Too bright for me, I fear.

Whereas other Venetian shopkeepers know better how to dress a window. They go for an altogether less lurid display.


Look at that beautifully lit window! The dusk has lent a lilac tone to the grey stonework, and the little cakes and goodies are shown off with lemon yellow gauze and white lace. Even the labels are laid-back and tasteful. I love it!

More locally, I’m very fond of this quaint shopping street in Lincoln.


Just look at the way that street light is leaning!   I must say, I like the lantern style lamps, too.  Much more fitting for this type of area!  Do you suppose someone chose them with love, or are they left over from a bygone era?

It’s Macro Monday again, and here I am with another puzzle, despite the fact that really I’m not here! Once again, I’m hoping that while I’m away the automatic posting thingy will work properly, but if you can see this, presumably it did. Anyway, here it is!


I think this one is going to prove far too easy for most of you. Surely everyone has one of these in some form or other? Well, OK, some of you might not have one, but I bet you’ve seen plenty.

It’s a useful object, and this one is decorative too. It was given to me many years ago and it’s quite amazing that it has survived, because so many of them don’t. It’s seen a lot of action – most of it either in the lounge or the kitchen, although it could go in other rooms too, or even (on occasion) outside for a while.

So what is it? Answer in the comments below, then check here to see if you were right. As I said at the top of this post, I’m still away, so I can’t promise to be here tomorrow evening to post the picture link!

If I can get a connection, I’ll be along tomorrow evening (Western Europe time) to answer any comments and give a little more detail if needed. Meanwhile, have fun!