This is Mr Sid’s favourite place to sleep. He has several nice, deep, cushy beds, but he prefers to sleep snuggled into a simple sheepskin rug. We’ve tried putting it into one of his deep cushy beds, but he doesn’t want it there, he wants it on the floor.


Actually, I’m a little concerned about that and I’m going to be taking him for a check-up soon, just to make sure he has no pain issues, because he used to get in those beds … but he still gambols about on his walks, and he plays with his toys. It’s a mystery, and I’m wondering a little bit about phantom limb syndrome.

Meanwhile, I’m really enjoying seeing the pleasure he gets from burying his nose in the softness of the long wool.


We like to sleep with the window open even in the dead of winter, and OH and I we were both concerned that Sid would find it too cold. However, if I wake in the night and reach out to check under Sid’s belly, he is always as warm as toast, just lying with his nose tucked into the sheepskin.

And today, you can understand why he likes to snuggle like that! We haven’t had the snow that some places have been ‘blessed’ with, but it’s still very cold with the wind from the north – straight from Siberia over the flat Fenland.


Good thing I found him that Canadian ‘Chilly Dogs‘ coat, huh? It’s a wonderful thing, with a T-shaped bellywarmer which fastens on top, and it never seems to slip sideways, despite Sid’s missing leg. Easy to put on a tripod, too!


There you go. This week’s Macro Monday puzzle, and it’s perhaps one of the more difficult. Nice pic, though, isn’t it? I’m quite proud of it – SOOC, as they say – straight out of the camera with not even a crop. All I did was add the text and resize it.

But do you know what it is?

This is something most people won’t have in their homes. Well, actually, most people probably have one, but it doesn’t look like this. This is the Rolls Royce of, um, these things. The Lamborghini. The Zenyatta, if you like. It’s a thoroughbred, it’s expensive … and it’s also ideal for the arthritic.

Pretty, isn’t it? And it also has one, single, function. A useful, admittedly non-essential function, but one that can temporarily improve your quality of life. Oh, yes, and this one picture is a little larger than 1:1, which (for those of you who don’t do maths) means that the picture makes it look a tad bigger than it really is.

Guesses, as usual, in the comments, please! I’ll be back Tuesday evening, UK time, to give you the answer at the bottom of this post in the form of a picture link.


And now, the answer. Go here, and see if you were right! The picture above was taken from the end, looking at it from the left of the picture.

Well, go there unless you happen to be one of the following people, who all managed to guess this (quite difficult) one correctly! Well done to Meleah, Trish, Christina, Pip, Dinah, Mother Theresa, Charlene and Jess! And hahaha to Carol, and Sistertex! Thanks for making me laugh. Cathy, too – I think you win for the Most Inventive Wrong Answer!

Thanks for playing once again, everyone!

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One of the hardest worked letters in the alphabet, the letter ‘S‘ is a gift for ABC Wednesday! So many shop names, so many things begin with this letter (shoes, ships and stationery, to name but three), and of course, it’s especially suited to alliteration, where the same sound resurfaces in successively spoken words!

And so, to start this week, we have a shop in Stamford with a sewing machine in the window!


I think this is one of a small rash of similar businesses which have sprung up around here doing alterations for people who don’t sew. Suits, shirts and skirts can be altered, and trousers can be shortened by staff using industrial sewing machines – not that little Singer in the window. That’s just for show.

But that’s a bit stuffy, isn’t it? Who wants to swoon over sewing, when I have something slightly more exciting for you?

Fancy a shave?


It’s Sweeney Todd’s barber shop! Sadly, I don’t think you’d find Johnny Depp in there, swinging his cut-throat razor about and singing.


Oh well.

We could go somewhere else. We could go and see the shiny scooters on sale in New York’s Grand Central Station!


Or perhaps you’d prefer sunny Sarzana?


Sarzana was one of our favourite Italian towns. The old part still retains its old wall, and the buildings inside are historic and beautiful, so the shops are fitted in and most don’t have the sparkling plate glass windows we’re used to. It makes it such a wonderful place to stroll around.

San Gimignano is another old walled town in the province of Siena. It wasn’t sunny in San Gimignano.


See the shoppers scurrying along with their umbrellas? So pretty, all those colours against the warm and mellow stone.

But we have something warm and mellow right here at home!


Well. Warm anyway! Two small, sweet, squirming greyhound pups at a Meet and Greet in the Springfields shopping centre, in Spalding, with their stalwart stewards! There are even some star-shaped price tickets on the sale goods.

What better way to end an ABC Wednesday?

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Gosh, I’m slacking this week! Here we are at 1pm and I’m only just posting the Macro Monday puzzle for today! I can only hope that a few poor, lost souls will wander along to take a peek.

So, for those few lost souls – welcome! Take a seat and spend a few minutes recovering from your long trek through the other (probably far more exciting) Macro Monday offerings, and amuse yourselves trying to figure out just what this is.

Out of consideration for your weakened state, I’m made this one fairly easy. You have the puzzle subject to the left of the picture, and a screw in the wooden background to the right, for size comparision. Most homes will probably have one or more of these things, because they come in very handy. Some people press other things into service and some of them work quite well, but never quite as well as the real thing. They come in various sizes, colours, materials, patterns, etc. You can buy them singly or in sets, and although most people usually have several different kinds, they aren’t really a collectors item as such these days, although once upon a time, there was a certain type of them which were highly collectible.

What else? Um … Most are not expensive, but some of the ones we have were. Does that help?

As usual, pop back tomorrow night for the answer, which I will add to the bottom of this post in the form of a picture link, and meanwhile, leave your guesses in the comments!

Have fun – I’ll see you later.

Well, it’s later, and here I am with the answer!! And just as I thought, a good half of you managed to guess this one. Congratulations to Mother Teresa, Sistertex, Silverback, Meleah, Carol and Annelie! You were all right – at least, Sistertex was right with her first guess so I’m letting her in the winner’s enclosure.

Well done! I’m gonna have to make these things harder …