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Will you look at that?  What a perfect presentation of pink in a window display of shoes and accessories to kick off ABC Wednesday this week!  Actually, those powerfully pink sandals on the bottom right there are made of plastic.  My dear friend Tennessee Jenn dubbed them ‘Redneck Dancing Shoes’ – which apparently she is allowed to do, being a redneck gal herself.  Or so she says.

However that may be, I find this much pink a little too full of pizazz for my taste, so let’s move on from Aylesbury (for that is where that perfectly pink presentation was found) and see if we can’t find something better.


Is that better?  Hmm.  I don’t know.  You see this picture was taken through our car windscreen in Niagara in 2006.  As you can see, there were plenty of places to eat, from pizza parlours to Planet Hollywood.  The problem was, it was pelting down with rain, and so we didn’t want to get out and walk, and parking was a problem.  Actually, it was snowing quite heavily at one point, but the sight of the falls was worth it. Such a powerful, mesmerising panorama .. especially when we could see it through the precipitation!

Going to Venice earlier this year was a much more pleasant experience though, weather-wise.  And of course, there were plenty of shops.  One of the most famous places to shop in Venice is on the Rialto Bridge.


See all the people?  It was always crowded.  It was a lovely place to stroll in the heat of the day, being partially shaded by all those canopies, although all those steps made progress a little slow.

And on the bridge, guess what we found?


It’s Pinocchio!  Of course, Pinocchio is an Italian tale by Carlo Collodi – the story of a wooden string puppet carved from pine, who dreamed of being a real boy and was granted his wish to become human.  And there he was, sitting outside the shop, complete with long and pointy nose, all quite properly made of polished wood.   But wait – there was another Pinocchio on a trike, and another hiding behind the display over there, and actually, a whole plethora of Pinocchios!  It was a fascinating shop, but no, we didn’t purchase anything.  Can you imagine trying to pack Pinocchio?

Back home, one of the first things we had to do was go and buy young Sid some food.  This is our local pet shop, and it’s only about four miles from home.  Pet’s Pantry, in a very pretty old building right on the pavement.


Looks a little poky, doesn’t it?  But it’s not!  It’s positively large, and plentifully stocked with all you might need.  In fact, if they don’t have it, Roz and Martin will happily find it for you and order it in.  It’s such a pleasant place, and as it’s a small family run business, we like to buy our petfood there rather than at the huge, impersonal Pets At Home in the city centre.

See?  Here’s the rest of it, positioned around the back.


And just behind where I stood to take that photograph, there’s a large, free car park, but if you don’t feel like going shopping, they deliver, too!


I hope you enjoyed travelling through the shops with me this week.