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Now, let’s see how many of you can guess this one!

I think it’s obvious that this one is outdoors. It’s part of something pretty big, as you can see, I should think, by its construction. Since it’s Macro Monday, this is a macro, and this particular object is shown here quite a bit larger than life … but don’t go thinking this is sewing thread or anything, because it’s not. Tee hee!

However, it does have a use – or at least a purpose. Can you think what it is?

I’ll be back tomorrow evening (Tuesday, UK time) to add the answer in the form of a picture link as usual, but meanwhile, do feel free to add your guesses in the comments! I so hope someone guesses it completely, but I’m not holding my breath!

Well, clearly you are a clever lot! Many of you guessed this week, at least close enough to be counted! Congratulations to Don’t Bug Me, and also to Manang Kim, Babs, Mother Teresa, and Teresa, with honourable mentions going to Ron and Meleah because the things they guessed have such similar construction. I’m tempted also to add Ethel Mae Potter, but .. on reflection I’m not sure that if they do make hammocks like this, I’d really like to sit in one. Those rivets look awfully knobbly!

For those who still haven’t a clue, pop on over here and take a peek!

And all of you – thanks for playing! It’s been fun! See you next week?

When I tell people who are Not From Round Here that I live on the edge of the Fens, they often can’t conjure up a mental image of what the landscape is like. And all I can say is ‘it’s FLAT’.

Well, so it is, but there is more to it that that. You see, the Fens used to be at the bottom of the sea, and were drained for us in the 19th century by some nice Dutch engineers so we could live here. And they did a damned fine job, I must say, because while other areas have flooded during wet winters, we have not.

However, it does remain very damp. And flat. We get nasty, fast, damp winds straight from Siberia, because there’s precious little in the way to slow ‘em down, and they cut right through you stealing all your body heat on the way. We get rain (bone-chilling rain) which soaks right through you, and we get mist (which .. uh .. seeps right through you). And in the summer, we often get haze, because there is still a lot of standing (or slow moving) water, and the water table is high.

The other thing about the Fens is this: they’re a smacking great wodge of arable land – the market garden of the Midlands, you might say. So we also get smacking great (flat) fields, with hardly any trees.

The Fen folk don’t like trees.

People get right fed up with the Fens in the winter, and come spring, there’s often a rash of ‘For Sale’ boards up – as, indeed, there is right now.

But in the summer when the insects are humming and the air is still and warm, it can be quite lovely with the greens and yellows and the deep, wide blue sky.

I’m linking this to Sunday Selections because I haven’t posted any of these pictures before. Why not join in next week? I bet you have a TON of pictures you haven’t done anything with yet!

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Surely it must be for me?  It smells of greyhounds!!’

Poor Sid.  A letter arrived in a pink envelope.  Clearly the stuff of love, don’t you think?  And with only one single guy in the house these days, Sid thought his luck was in – and what on earth was one of the ‘Monkeys’ doing opening his mail?

It was for me. Really it was.  The confusion arose because it was sent to me by Sid’s trainer, and the contents were written – and the envelope addressed – in a room full of happy greyhounds, by a woman who works all day, all week, with these lovely dogs.  She had probably just walked up from the kennel before writing to me, too.

To add insult to injury, the letter was full of descriptions of recently retired dogs needing new homes, and the envelope also contained a camera card full of greyhound pictures.

No wonder Sid thought his luck had changed! It smelled like a Singles Club for greyhounds to him!

You’ll be able to see the new dogs on the Brambleberry Greyhound site soon – just as soon as I’ve got time to edit them and add the descriptions. Two of them are there already.

But don’t tell Sid! He’ll only want one.


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Well, it’s been a while since I did a Macro Monday puzzle. I’d got a bit jaded, I suppose, trying to come up with a decent shot of something tiny for you all to guess, and I’d also got into a bit of a rut with too many memes. But now I’ve had a request to start doing the puzzles again, so here we are! And personally, I think this is a pretty easy one to start with.

It’s something which will be very familiar to most of you, and all of these things look pretty much the same, it seems to me. I’m not going to tell you whether it’s in the house or not, because I’m mean like that. But do remember that this is Macro Monday, so the objects I offer you will be at least life-size, probably a bit bigger. This one is bigger by quite a long way.

Oh – and by the way, I converted it to black & white because I it looked nicer like that.

As before, I’m going to give you a day to think about it and add your answer to the comments below. Tomorrow evening (that’s Tuesday, UK time), I’ll add the answer to the bottom of this post in the form of a picture link so as not to spoil it for those late-comers who still want to have a go.

Come along, then, ladies and gentlemen, roll up and try your luck! Above all, have fun!

And then trundle over to Lisa’s Chaos where you’ll find more Macro Monday offerings. I have to say, I’ve already seen Don’t Bug Me’s contribution and I’m envious. Gorgeous pictures … especially if you like creepy crawly things!

It’s Tuesday!! Sorry I’m a little bit late updating, but I do like to keep you all on tenterhooks, as you know! It was a good puzzle, because over a third of you guessed it correctly, which is a very good percentage, I think.  Congratulations to Shooting Parrots, Ron, Leeta, Lisa’s Chaos and Babs – spot on, the lot of you! Very well done.

For the rest, go take a look at this and all shall be revealed.  You will kick yourselves, you know you will! But I hope that you will be back again next Monday, because I already have a picture ready to go for next week’s macro puzzle.

See you then?