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I know I’m late today – I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t my fault.  You see, it’s been a lovely, lovely day, all spring flowers and sunshine, and so I spent a lot of it outside.  Oh yeah, and I forgot to set Sunday Selections up last night …

But here you go.  This week’s offering!  I’m taking you back to the year 2007 when OH and I visited Las Vegas.  It was so totally unexpected, including the fact that it took almost exactly 15 minutes from getting off the plane to hitting the pavement, which left us a tad shell-shocked. We’re just not used to that!  We’re used to trudging out dragging our suitcases, travel weary and bludgeoned by the queues and security and the oppressiveness of so many people in such an impersonal space, not being turned out so quickly into the blinding sunshine.

I’m not going to show you the usual stuff; the slots (which we first saw IN the airport – another stunner for us), the bright lights, the hotels on the strip.  I’m going to show you a slightly different angle.  Those of you who’ve never been there may never have seen the backs of the big hotels, or the less touristy views, but I found it all fascinating.

If you take the shuttle along the strip you’ll often find yourself travelling along past the back doors of the big hotels.  Now in Vegas, the backside of the hotels are a bit more attractive than they are, say, in London or New York.

But still very much the backside, huh?

Personally, I both loved and was vaguely disturbed by the amount of greenery in Las Vegas.  It’s beautiful, and really does make the place look exotic, luxurious, and at the same time, tamed.  It’s easy to forget you are in the desert. But the amount of water needed in that ultra-dry climate is .. let’s face it, a disgrace these days when drought is a fact of life in so many areas.

But whether or not you approve, Las Vegas is truly something unique and special, don’t you think?

That’s all folks.  I told you I wasn’t going to show you any slots, didn’t I?  And that meant no crowded strip, no hookers, no guys handing out cards for hookers, no gaudy lights and no tacky souvenirs.  Ah well.  Better luck next time!

Meanwhile, why not pop on over to Frog Ponds Rock to see more?  You’ll find some interesting stuff over there.




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Did I promise you something slightly easier for Macro Monday this week?

I did?

Well … I’ve tried to find something which I think is fairly easy, but whether it is or not will be up to you lovely people to decide.  If I ask OH to help with that and show him the picture I’m thinking of using, he invariably says ‘Oh, that’s cruel!’ and some of the puzzles he’s said that about have turned out to be really easy for you, so he’s no help at all!

So here we are.  Take a look at that snapshot up there and see if you can work out what it could possibly be. It’s a very familiar object which every single one of you will have seen frequently, even if you don’t own one, or use one yourself.  Some people own several and use one daily. Some people don’t like them at all.  Some people wouldn’t be seen dead with one.

Now, remember it’s a macro, so it’s larger than life and remember that these things are extremely variable in form and colour.  And go and have a think, then pop back and post a guess in the comments.

I’ll be back on Tuesday evening to post the answer. Don’t look for it in the comments – it will be added here, at the bottom of this post, in the form of a picture link.


Why are you still here?  Why aren’t you racking your brains or hastily scrambling to write down your guess and be first?

Off you go!  And have fun.


* I haven’t been able to link directly to Lisa’s Macro Monday post because it’s not up yet, but if you follow the link, you’ll land on Lisa’s Chaos, the home of Macro Monday, and it’ll be there by tomorrow I feel sure!

Pretty small turnout this week, but I think that’s my fault. I forgot to add the link to the actual meme! Oh well. Anyway, Shooting Parrots and Meleah are both correct! Although in England we call it something different, it’s the same thing as what they said. Ron gets the ‘Most Amusing Comment’ tag and Leeta wins ‘Most Interesting Guess’. I never would have thought of that, myself, Leeta!   Oh yeah – and here’s the answer!!

Thanks for playing. I’ll try to get it done right next week and maybe we’ll have a few more contestants .. or perhaps they’re all just tired of the puzzles being too hard? Hmm. Come back next week and see! I’m going to. ;)

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Today for Sunday Selections I’m going to show you a few previously unpublished photos I’ve taken just because they captured my interest, and of course, then I didn’t really know what to do with them!  There are lots more over at Frog Ponds Rock, so when you’re done here, pop on over and take a look-see.

That first one was taken at Ferry Meadows, a local country park.  Usually it’s heaving on a Sunday – and so it was this day, but I was lucky enough to catch this shot with only one blurred figure in the background.  So what’s the story?  Why are these two children’s toys abandoned like this?  Well, I’ll tell you: their owners had run down to the lake to feed the geese.  That’s probably why there are no geese in the picture either!

But what about this one?

Intriguing, isn’t it?  Why has someone tied an office chair to the building and left it in the middle of the street?  It looks almost as if it’s trying to escape, doesn’t it?  It was in great condition, so it didn’t look as if it had been tossed out .. and surely it can’t have been anything to do with the work that was being done further up the street?  Don’t they have cones and tape for that?

We see abandoned or lost objects all the time, of course.  And often, some kind soul will pick them up and pop them on a nearby wall or railing so that their owner can spot them more easily when they come back to look for them.  Like this cycle helmet, left behind by a child and now waiting in a silent and empty playing field.

Or this glove, dropped on the way home from school, perhaps.  Stripped off on a warmer-than-expected afternoon and perhaps stuffed hastily – and not very securely – in a pocket or school bag.  Now it waits, looking strangely perky and hopeful, on a different set of railings, but in the same village, not too far away from the helmet.


This poor shoe, however, wasn’t so lucky.  Nobody picked it up and put it on a railing.  There it sits, right in the middle of a car parking spot, looking forlorn and slightly damp.

Was it abandoned?  Dropped?  Did it fall out of a bag?  Or maybe it was kicked off by a screaming child in a tantrum as her mother wrestled her into the car to go home, having failed to buy her what she wanted?  Unlikely, since it looks too big for a child that young.

It’s in good shape – that’s not a hole in the front there, it’s a sweet little bow.  Most puzzling.

People do abandon the strangest things, for the strangest reasons.  Sometimes they’re simply lost, but sometimes it’s just a careless attitude to disposal in the proper place.

Anyway.  I think my favourite of these is the office chair, simply because it’s so bizarre. How about you?


Good morning, puzzlers! I have a surprise for you this week, but first I’m going to tell you about this week’s ‘official’ Macro Monday puzzle. There it is! Nice colours, huh? But … what is it, that’s the question!

This, as you can see, is quite an old object, but I’m very fond of it, and the other piece which belongs with it. Is that a clue? Perhaps, but you must remember that I’m fond of a great many diverse things, including some things that people would be rather .. um … puzzled by – like my ancient opium lamp, the silver black with age and the glass clouded and dull.

What can I tell you about this one? Hmm … well, it’s NOT an opium lamp, for a start.

It’s made of brass, it’s about six inches long (at a guess), and like the opium lamp it has no function other than to be what it is. I could polish it, I suppose, but I rather like the fact that it looks every bit as old as it is. If it were bright and shiny, it would lose part of its charm.

Guesses below in the comments please, and as usual, I’ll be back tomorrow (Tuesday 5th, in the evening UK time) to add a picture link to the answer.

And now, your bonus picture! This has absolutely nothing to do with the puzzle above. This is something I found in the park on Saturday and was charmed by.

Not part of the puzzle for this week, but I wonder how many of you will know what it is?

See you all tomorrow – and have fun!

Is it tomorrow yet? Why yes – it is!

And the answer to this puzzle hasn’t been guessed by anyone, despite the fact that this object has been featured on this blog before. Well well, I suppose it was a little too tough for you all, then. Shame. Next week I’ll try to make it a little easier, I promise. Meanwhile, here is the answer. Kicking yourselves? Or maybe you just want to give me a piece of your mind. Well, feel free! Heaven knows mine is deserting me!

And the second object also remains unguessed, which surprises me more. This little ‘rose’ is part of a completely opened out pine cone! I bet if you look at it again now, you’ll be able to see the tell-tale marks in the ‘petals’.  I did a little research, and the most likely tree to produce this type of cone is the Deodar Cedar, which figures because I found it in a formal town park.

Well, I’m sorry nobody won this week! Do come back again and try your luck next time!

Pretty please?