Helloooo bloggers! I’m easing into posting again with a somewhat easy puzzle for Macro Monday, but hopefully it’s still challenging enough to amuse and entertain.

I’m sure many of you will recognise this immediately, but maybe you’ll have to think a little about exactly where you have seen it. It’s a common enough ‘thing’, and most of you will see one like this – or very similar to this – more than once on most days of the week. It’s probably a little bit sad that you do, but that, my friends, is modern life!

Are you inside or outside when you use it? Hmm … that’s a tricky one to answer! Maybe in, maybe out … or maybe both!

I can say no more. Off you go now, and leave your answer in the comments.

For those with no patience, the answer can be found here in the form of a picture link, but I’ll be back tomorrow to answer the comments and those who guessed correctly (without cheating!) will get no prize whatsoever, but they will get the kudos of having their name added at the end of this post, with a link to their blog.  Hurrah!!

And the winners are:

Moon, from Rambling Thoughts of Moon


Ron from Vent

And Shooting Parrots – who was as near as dammit.

Well done you lot! And to the rest, thanks for taking part!