… But what is it?

I keep trying to find you easy ones, I really do! To me this is so obvious, it’s hardly worth posting, but I’m sure some of you have never seen one, so maybe it’ll fox you. Anyway, after last week’s Macro Monday puzzle which addled almost everyone’s brains, I thought something simple might work.

So. Here you are.

Clues? Well, not every home will have one, some will have more than one. Some will not see the need for one, others will border on panic if they don’t have one. They’re very useful, and needless to say, ours is a home which has one or two.

They don’t have to be blue. They come in a wide variety of colours, and even some cute patterns. What else? Hmm… well, I can tell you that these things weren’t around when I was a kid! Similar things, yes, but not the same.

There. I’m sure half of you are bouncing in your seats, waving your hands in the air and saying ‘Miss, I know, Miss!’ … or perhaps not. That WAS when I was a kid, huh?

Off you go, now. Answers in the comments as usual, please. Stop talking at the back there – and you! I hope you have enough of those sweets to go around the whole class? No? Well put them away then, or they’ll be confiscated. Yum!

I’ll be back tomorrow evening (Tuesday, UK time) to add the answer in the form of a picture link. Meanwhile, have fun!

And no running in the corridors!

Yoo hoo! Here I am! Better late than never, huh? Once again, I got caught up in something and didn’t get back in here last night, so apologies to all who were banging on the door demanding to be put out of their misery!

Here is the answer to this most unexpectedly puzzling puzzle. And because I fear that the original answer picture I took (the same shot that I cropped the puzzle from) will not explain itself to some of you, here is an alternative view.

Now. I am sorry to have to tell you that not one of you guessed this one correctly! The only person to do so was a Facebook friend who posted her guess on my link to this post! I can’t even think of one of you who got almost there – or even simply closer than the others. However, I do rather like Shooting Parrots’ answer, because the idea that this could function as a toilet roll is hilarious!

Ah well. Perhaps if I try to post a really difficult puzzle next week, you’ll all get it right. We will see.

Thanks for playing! I do prefer it when about half of you guess the answer, but it’s been fun anyway!

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I take a lot of random pictures while I’m out and about, of things that make me smile, laugh out loud, or simply shake my head with wry amusement.  This one made me laugh out loud.

It looks just like a book, with pamphlets of some kind tucked inside, and it’s called the ‘Field Ministry Wallet’.  I believe it’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses who use these on their walkabouts, knocking on doors to bend the ears of speak to the unenlightened.  But here’s the funny part –

Yep, it’s on the edge of a large, open, green space, otherwise known as a …

Uh-huh. Yep.

So that’s what ‘field ministry’ means!



I’m thinking of turning this one into a meme, and getting myself a McLinky and everything.  All you’d need to do is post a picture of something which tickled your funny bone, and do the usual linking stuff.

Anyone interested?

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As some of you may have discovered, my Blogger name is ‘Dogs and Depp‘ so this is quite a well-deserved title for this week’s ABC Wednesday post, don’t you think?

There he is, the delicious Johnny Depp, looking as handsome as ever, in a double play edition of The Tourist.  It’s not a deep movie, merely a bit of fluff, involving deception, double-dealings, death and also a great deal of fun, with our hero and heroine dashing about all over the delightfully decaying Italian city of Venice.

It’s ‘hugely enjoyable, escapist fun’ according to the Daily Mail, and it didn’t deserve the panning it got from the critics, in my opinion.  It’s directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, in case you are desirous of knowing such things, and while it’s too late to go and see it at the movies, you could buy the DVD!

Now, I’m late getting started today, and I have to take the lovely Sid to one of his PAT dog duties this afternoon, so this will be a short post, for me.  I hope you won’t be disappointed.

Here is my dippy black dog, Ranger, looking dashing in his new martingale collar.  Quite distinguished with his grey muzzle, isn’t he?

He’s not allowed to walk any real distance, so we take them both out, but one of us sits with Ranger somewhere he can delight in the view and be distracted for a while.

Because otherwise …

… he becomes dangerous to himself!  That foot is broken, Ranger, you daft dog!

Sid and Ranger do seem to enjoy each other’s company.  I just wish they’d be a little slower about it.  Dawdling would be better than dancing about like this.

He’s gained 2kg since he’s been with us and since his poor mouth has been sorted out, by the way, but yes, despite that, he is still underweight.

Anyway.  This is better.

Sid and Ranger deigning to share a duvet.   They are a little demanding at the moment, each wishing to be the one who is closest to me.  It makes life difficult at times, but it is nice that my company is so desirable.

And lastly, here they are dozing while doing that mirroring thing, but at an advanced level

I call this ‘Level three: Displaced‘ since to be true mirroring they’d have to be nose to nose, or Ranger would have to rotate himself anti-clockwise 180 degrees.  However, they’ve done their best under difficult circumstances, I think, so I’m awarding them a Distinction!

For more ABC posts, do visit Mrs Nesbitt!


Well, see, I thought last week’s Macro Monday puzzle – and the one before – would be stinkers, but that proved not to be the case, so I’m hedging my bets this time and assuming that this one will be easy too.

You mean it’s not?  Well, I bet some of you think it is!

Enough waffle.  Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess what it is.  How to describe it for you … hmmm … well, if you like it, you’ll have it. If you don’t like it, you won’t.

Yes, that wasn’t much of a clue, was it?

Let’s see.

This is not necessary.  You can not have it and live perfectly well without it – though some might argue with me, it’s quite true.  Some might also say that it’s incomplete, although I think it’s just fine just as it is.  In fact, I think I prefer it this way.

Remember it’s a macro, and remember it could be anything from my house or garden – or even beyond.  You will find this in my house, and in many locations outside my house in various other homes and businesses.  It’s more common in some countries than others – perhaps that’s not much of a clue since most of my Macro Monday photos could be described that way, but the thing is, it’s difficult to give you much information on this one without giving it away completely!

Will it always look the same?  Uh … nope! There are lots of variables.

There.  Having (hopefully) confused you nicely, I’ll leave you to your ponderings!  Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what might be missing.

As usual, post your best guess in the comments, and I’ll be along tomorrow evening (that’s Tuesday evening, UK time) to add the answer to the bottom of this post in the form of a picture link.

Have fun – and good luck!




Double wow.

I think I win this week!  Only ONE person guessed correctly; Jeni of Jenisdollz! Well done, me old shipmate, keel-haul the laggards and pass the rum!

Some of the rest of you were in the right ballpark, as it were, and do deserve an honourable mention. Patty, Judith, Ron and Dona were all pretty close, and that’s all I’m saying. For the curious, here’s the link to the answer in picture form, and because it might still be a tad unclear to the uninitiated, I’ll add the answer in the comments too.

Thanks to everyone for playing!  I hope you had fun.