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What do you call a collection of musical instruments, I wonder.  Could it be a cacophony?  There are certainly enough drums kits here to create one!

Today, for ABC Wednesday, I’m going to tell you about a concert we went to a couple of months ago.  It had been booked for a while, because of course, these things sell out, and despite OH’s ambivalence to the whole thing, I really wanted to go.

You can see from the picture who was on stage that night, can’t you?  One of the bands I had a crush on in my distant youth – The Monkees!  OH was uncharitable enough to call them ‘The Old Farts’, but in fact, the evening was a lot of fun.   They might not have had Michael Nesmith (a loss, to be sure), but my old favourite Mickey Dolenz was there, concealing his bald head under a hat and belting out the numbers I remembered so well, including ‘Last train to Clarkesville‘, a song which has a great deal of charm.   And no, I didn’t take pictures of them performing on the stage because I think setting off flash pops is a bit of a crappy thing to do when people are trying to watch.

Naturally, being a blogger, I took a lot of photos that evening.   Wanna see?

The first thing I found was this car park.

Full of creative and colourful graffiti – along with the cars, of course!  I don’t know who that chap is supposed to be, peeking over the car at the left there, but the one on the right looks like Count Dracula to me.

Then, when we arrived, we found the venue looking very classy.

I believe those columns are – more or less – Corinthian style.  The other offering at the Theatre Royal is quite a contrast to our boys, don’t you think?  Which would you choose to see – The Sound of Music, or The Monkees?

We arrived early enough for dinner, so we went inside and found the restaurant and had a really quite delicious meal, with wine and everything, in a cosy little corner near to the terrace.  It was very convenient, because we could use the terrace as a short cut to the concert hall.

And there she was among the tables and chairs; a rather cross looking lady who looked as if she’d been crafted with a collection of cables, quite possibly dancing the Charleston.

And look – we could have been sitting in Chiquitos at the Corner House!  Except that we’d have been late, so that would have been counterproductive!

After the show, what else was there to do but join the small crowd at the stage door for a while?  No, the stars of the show didn’t come out, not while we were there anyway.  I chatted with a few people for a while, and then we turned for home.  I mean, it wasn’t as if it were Johnny Depp in there!

On the way back to the car park, this cylindrical construction caught my eye.

Together with the candy stripes and the cobalt blue, I thought it looked almost like Christmas!

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Well, alright. You can’t blame me for trying!

After being told by OH that last week’s Macro Monday puzzle was fiendish, pretty nearly all of you guessed it correctly, so I’m still trying to find that fiendish puzzle that will have you all stumped!

This colourful item is very useful. It would have held very limited appeal to me in years past, and it’s only recently that I’ve begun to need it – and I have others, too; all slightly different but doing the same job. The colour may be slightly unusual, perhaps, but it’s not outrageous.

It’s job is quite specific – at least, it is in this house. Will everyone have one? Probably not, although more old-fashioned versions were made, and it’s possible that some of you have one or two of those lying around.

Is it something you’ll find worldwide? I believe so – at least in the (so-called) civilised world. I might be wrong … all I know is that in the countries I’ve been to (US, NZ, Italy, Canada, and of course, the UK) they do exist and are used by many people.

Do you have one? Well, do you? Or perhaps more to the point, can you tell me what it is?

Post your answers in the comments, ladies and gentlemen, and I’ll pop back tomorrow evening (Tuesday, UK time) to add the answer in the form of a picture link.

Good luck – and have fun!

And HERE is the answer!

Once again, a pretty good number of you guessed correctly. In order of appearance; Don’t Bug Me, Martha Z, Sherrie, Babs and Carolina, Silverback, Victoria and Shooting Parrots. Also right, in a way, were Jenny the Pirate, Leora and Ron.  Those three were just a little too vague and general to be awarded the (non-existent) prize.

Oh yeah, and I think Ron and Silverback share the prize for Most Inventive Wrong Answer! Thanks for the laugh, guys!