I don’t know what number it is!  I’ve completely lost track, so I’m going to start my Macro Monday puzzles at No. 1 again next week.

For now, here’s another nameless puzzle.  Let’s call it the Textile Puzzle because I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away by telling you that much.  You can clearly see it’s textile – look! There are stitches and weave, and everything!

But the question is this:  What kind of textile, and what is it?

Clearly, by the size of the stitches relative to the amount of detail, quite a small piece of textile.  Or should that be ‘textiles’, because there is more than one type here?  Hmm.

This thing is extremely unlikely to be used by itself.  You’d have to be a pretty special person to be able to do that, and although there certainly are such people, I’m not one of them.

It’s a very common object, and they come in a HUGE variety of types, but I think it should be recognisable, if you’re paying attention.  I rather like the colour of this one – they’re not all so tasteful, not by a long way.  It might be unexciting, but at least it doesn’t knock your eyes out and make you want to put your sunglasses on, as some do.

Some people just keep the bare minimum, and some don’t have them at all because they just don’t like them.  Me, I have quite a few of them. They are well known throughout the civilised world though, so all of you should be in with a fighting chance.

There you are.  Personally, I think you’re all in with a shot at this one. It’s not that difficult!  Take your best guess, and leave a comment.  I’ll be back tomorrow evening (Tuesday, UK time) to let you know the answer in the form of a picture link at the bottom of this post.

See you later – and have fun!  Meanwhile, you could go and see what everyone else has posted, over at Lisa’s Chaos.

Here I am! Late, I know, but I’ve come to put you out of your misery. It’s a great shame, but not one person guessed the answer this week, so there are no links to other fascinating blogs. Instead, you can go straight here and take a look.

Do you feel silly? Well, don’t, there’s no need. How many people EVER look at these things properly?

See you next week – when I suppose you’re going to expect an easy one! Well, I’ll do my best!

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I know, I know.  I’ve been a bad blogger this week, haven’t I?  Hardly a peep since last week’s Retail Therapy, except of course Macro Monday.  It’s a busy time of year, and I haven’t been feeling good, OK?  Sorry.  Must try harder, as they say.

What I have been doing (while trying to promote my own shop on Etsy) is carefully making notes of all the cute shops that might have something to tickle your fancy.  So without any more excuses, waffle, circumlocution or … um, well, without delay, let’s get go with a few more stocking fillers for under £10.

This time, I have found you some fabulous things to buy for the children, since by tradition this weekend is for them.  I know they’re fairly easy to buy for anyway, but wouldn’t you like to find them some interesting and unusual things?  Things that weren’t mass-produced in China?  Of course you would!

So, how about this for a brilliant idea?

These tiny cushions from CallyFindlay are actually a brilliant little travel game for children.  The little pillow is filled with non-toxic plastic pellets and hidden among the pellets there is a collection of small items which the child has to find by shaking, poking, and shuffling the filling around to reveal the objects through the window.   There is a laminated card attached with a list of the ‘treasures’ to be found, so they know what to look for.  Not just for travelling, they can be taken to dentist or hospital appointments, too, or simply kept in your bag for those ‘Mummy-I’m-bored’ moments.

How I wish I’d had that idea when my kids were small!  I could have stopped them trying to maim each other fighting amongst themselves and made my fortune into the bargain, because I’m sure a whole truckload of people would be deliriously happy to hand over a measly £8 for an hour or two of silence from the back seat.

Here’s another useful one to gift to parents of young children.  It’s a chalkboard mat, with it’s own little chalk and wiper-cloth pockets, and it rolls up neatly for transport.  This sells for £9.61.

See?  Another great idea for entertaining kids in stressful places; travelling, medical appointments, Great Aunt Agatha’s house, etc.  And if you pop along to The Crafting Corner, there are more designs, too!  It’s a colourful and fun shop, and the prices are great!



One for the girls?  This would make such a nice stocking filler for someone who’s into crafting.  It’s a kit to make your own keyring shaped like a cupcake!  Perhaps for the older child who actually has a key, although I’m very sure that a younger child would find somewhere to hang it.

Contains everything you need – and the instructions, of course – for £7.50.  That should keep the young lady busy for a while, so it’s cheap at the price!

Cupcakes For Clara also sells a truly nostalgic item.  Do you remember how much fun you had with paper dolls?  Well, maybe not all of you, but I’m betting quite a few of the ladies who grew up in the fifties spent hours assembling and dressing them.  And look!  They still make them!

Well.  This Etsian does, anyway, and £9.00 gets you the complete set of grumpypants Clara.  Go take a look at her shop. She has other simple kits, more paper dolls, and also finger puppets and stuff.  All made in the UK, too.

Here’s another traditional toy you’ll recognise, but a lot nicer than those cheap plasticky things we had. Recognise it?

Yes, it’s the magnetic fishing game!  Only this time, in lovingly hand-stitched rainbow coloured felt, with the magnets safely stitched inside the fish.  I have a confession to make: this one is a tad over budget at £12.81 .. but it was so delightful that I wanted to include it anyway.  You can find it in Cerra‘s shop, along with a lot of other colourful and innovative designs of the same magnetic game, rattles, stuffed animals, etc.

Lastly, but not least (though I think it is in fact the cheapest featured item today) is a Zentangle doodle colouring book.  As I understand it, Zentangles are basically doodles, but the idea is that they are a form of meditation through art. You lose yourself in the creation of the geometric or swirling shapes and it’s soothing.

At only £1.92, this is the cheapest stocking filler I’ve found for you this week, so it really doesn’t matter too much that the pens aren’t included, does it?  And JoArtyJo has very kindly offered a discount coupon especially for you lovely readers.  Just pop along to her shop and take a look around (there are, of course, plenty of other things there, including a very clever doodle calendar and the cutest of cute bird cards) and when you’re done shopping, put the code ‘DEPP15′ into the message box at the checkout for a generous 15% discount!  Thanks for that, Jo!

All prices are before shipping, of course, but most of the shops this week are in the UK, and if not, shipping is very reasonable.