Dear poor, neglected readers! How the dickens are you all?

My goodness, it has been a long time since I last popped in here, hasn’t it? Look at all this dust! And there are cobwebs everywhere! Tut tut tut … I’ll have to get the cleaners in.

For the last three or four weeks I have Not felt At All Well. Yes, that did need emphasising because my little problem is a very uncomfortable one and has made me feel unwell, tired and dispirited. Dispirited partly because I didn’t feel At All Well, and partly because (it has to be said) my little problem is one which afflicts more people in the ‘getting older and falling apart’ bracket than it does the young. I have a hiatus hernia and to go along with that a supersized portion of acid reflux, which is called GERD in the US and GORD over here, and I’m not sure which sounds worse! I know which feels worse though, and it’s mine, whatever the heck you like to call it. My GERD/GORD is far, far worse than anyone else’s because, well, because it’s mine and it’s me feelin’ it.

Go on – ask me what I had for dinner today.

Well, how nice of you to ask. And since you ask so nicely, I’ll tell you. I had grilled potato pancakes (no fat) topped with swede, carrot and potato mash with a tiny sprinkling of half-fat cheese. I did have sliced cold chicken too, but I couldn’t face eating that. *Sigh*

Tomorrow I shall probably have something very similar, with maybe some rice pudding or mashed banana to follow. *Sigh*

Whine? Why yes, I do. Oh .. you mean that sort of wine. Wine without the ‘h’? No. Not a single drop of the red stuff has passed my lips for nearly a month because you know what? It goes down just like a trickle of molten lava. *Double Sigh*

Poor Sid hasn’t been too good, either, with quite a lot of pain and stiffness from being a tripod and getting fat putting on a pound or two, so he’s been on a wee bit of a diet, bless him.   Seriously, he’s not exactly like a barrel of lard, but even those two pounds make a difference to a dog with a leg missing.

Anyway. Another reason I’ve been missing is that I’ve somehow volunteered myself to be the fundraising organiser for Brambleberry Greyhounds, the kennel where the lovely Sid and the almost-equally-lovely Jeffie come from. They had no fundraiser you see, and nothing at all bringing in the pennies, and there I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I don’t actually remember the words ‘I’ll do it!‘ coming out of my mouth, but I know they did, so here I am buying sturdy gazebos and folding tables and getting merchandise organised and booking events – me, who is well known for not being able to organise my way out of a paper bag!

But needs must when the devil drives, as they say, and the devil has been driving pretty hard at Brambleberry lately and Funds must be Raised.

I was lucky enough to pick up an end of roll of hi-vis showerproof fabric pretty cheaply from clearance stock, and bought some hi-vis fleece online so I’m busy making greyhound jackets and neckers for walks in the dark – most useful if you have a black or brindle dog because they really do ‘disappear’ after dusk, and this fabric just about glows in the dark. And yes there really IS a black dog in that picture – actually OH is there, too, somewhere. So, as you see, they really work very well, and hopefully they will sell well at the Greyhound Extravaganza at the Animal Health Trust later this month.

Meanwhile, GERDs and GORDs permitting, I’ll be trundling off to Venice next week to see how much it can manage to rain over there. At least the scenery will be an improvement.

And, well, they’re kind of used to having a lot of water all over the place!