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Did I promise you an easy one this week? I think I did, didn’t I?

How about this one?

A common enough thing, this. I’d say most households have probably used … whatever it is, or at least have seen it.

They have many uses. Some people use them daily, others rarely. For some they are a necessity, for others just something which makes life easier or more interesting at times. Some use them professionally.

Basically, you might see them in a hundred different places, being used for a dozen or more different purposes, and I bet you know what it is up there, don’t you?

If so, pop your answer in the comments and I’ll be back tomorrow at around 10pm (UK time) to add the answer in the form of a picture link. And when you’ve added your guess, take a look at the other Macro Monday contributions over at Lisa’s Chaos. There are some very talented photographers out there!

OOooh, lovely! You got this one right, every single last one of you! I must give an honourable mention to Molly, who was the first to guess correctly, but also to Lori, simply because she’ll just be so darned pleased to finally get one right! Well done, everyone.

If anyone is interested, you can go here to see the whole thing. 

Thanks for playing!  Do come back next week, when it will (probably!) be a tad more challenging.


At the beginning of January, I decided to take up a challenge or two. I had a look around the blogosphere and found several, and the first one was the 30/30 dog walking challenge hosted by ‘You did what with your Weiner?‘.

The idea was to get all of us couch potatoes out of our armchairs, and the dogs off their couches and out of their beds and moving those little legs – whether we possess two or four. Or possibly three, as in the case of Sid.

So every day during January we have tried to do just that, and apart from the three or four days when we had to travel down to Papworth for OH to get his heart checked out, and one day when it was bitterly cold and neither of us felt very well, we did it! Even on the day when it was bitterly cold and neither of us felt very well we did walk the dogs, but (though we didn’t time it) it was probably a tad short of 30 minutes.

And even when we were down at Papworth, the dogs got their exercise at Brambleberry, and we got ours at Papworth, navigating the endless corridors and stairs. I’m pretty sure we walked more than 30 minutes on every single one of those days!

On the whole, it was a successful challenge, and worth doing, because it made us think about how far and for how long we were walking each day, and it made me dig out my pedometer and discover just how lazy I’d got. We might have walked the dogs for at least 30 minutes nearly every day, but I haven’t made 10,000 steps more than once or twice.


This week the weather has been much, much better, with the snow reduced to the odd greyish, shrinking smear where there used to be a snowman or something. The skies have even been blue once or twice, and as you can see, the dogs have thoroughly enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

We’ve walked around the village, I’ve taken Jeffie off on a couple of longer jaunts over the fields for an hour or so, and on Wednesday we drove to Ferry Meadows to walk around the lakes for about fifty minutes.

We don’t intend to walk less in the future, although I won’t perhaps be keeping track in quite the same way. Our habit is to walk the dogs twice most days, with one walk being about half an hour and the other usually shorter, and on days when it’s more convenient, to walk them once, but for a longer period of time. This suits us all and we’ll continue with that.


Anyway, since we have now reached the first of February, the 30/30 challenge is now officially over. So, our thanks to ‘You did what with your Weiner?’ for the nudge towards a healthy lifestyle, and a reason not to slack off during one of the worst months of the year!