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It has just been brought to my attention that I got something very badly wrong in a recent post.  I pride myself on checking details, but in this case, though I asked and thought I had it right, I did not.

In the recent story about Mr T, I stated that he had been hospitalised at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket, whereas in fact, while the AHT is indeed a centre of excellence and they’re all jolly nice people, it was the Dick White Referral Centre who gave him his second chance at life.  This specialist veterinary centre is also near Newmarket but is not the same place!

So, this post is to put the record straight. I’ve now spoken to Jan Wade of the Dick White Referral centre, who is a lovely lady and told me a few facts and new details about Mr T.

First the facts:  Mr T’s operation was performed by an Italian neurosurgeon by the name of Giunio Cherubini, who is reckoned to be a top world specialist in his field, if not THE top world specialist, so Mr T was an incredibly lucky dog – he got the best.

This is the neurology team:


Fact number two – which I did manage to get right – is that, with the blessing of DWR, Giunio halved his usual fee for the surgery, the hospitalisation and the follow up care.  This cut the cost from around £6,000 to £3,000 and put it within the reach of Sharon and the Retired Greyhound Trust.  What a guy.  One day, I hope to shake his hand – and I might get the chance, because Brambleberry Greyhounds has been invited to take a trade stand at the forthcoming open day that Dick White Referrals are holding in July, when we hope that Mr T will be well enough to attend and meet his fans.

Now for the new details.

We all knew that Mr T’s injuries were life-threatening. What I didn’t know was that Giunio and his staff didn’t actually hold out much hope for his survival, let alone a decent quality of life after recovery and that this was pioneering surgery.  But Giunio is apparently one of those wonderful people who don’t give up on a patient easily and will always say ‘let’s give it a try and see’.  And it’s entirely thanks to him – this attitude, his skill, and the resources of DWR – that Mr T is alive and doing so well today.  Grazie di cuore, Giunio!

So, the least I can do is write this post and put the record straight, and once more to say thank you to everyone involved in this tremendous and emotional journey: Giunio himself and the staff at DWR, the Retired Greyhound Trust (who put their muscle behind this campaign), BT MyDonate (who don’t take a penny for themselves), Sharon of Brambleberry who fought to save Mr T and was prepared to get herself into debt for him, and every single one of the generous souls out there who either donated or shared his story and the links.

Mr T himself has no idea about all this, of course.  All he knows is that he was sent somewhere, hit over the head and hurt, brought away and healed, and is now ‘back home’.  He has made an amazing recovery and is busy just being a dog again, in company with ten of his own kind and a bunch of human beans with incredibly kind hearts.

(The photos in this post are the property of Dick White Referral Centre and are reproduced here with their kind permission)

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Good heavens … here it is nearly nine o’clock already and I am only just doing my Macro Monday post! My only excuse is that due to the Easter holidays it simply hasn’t felt like a Monday!

Anyway. Here’s one I prepared earlier. It isn’t as difficult as last week’s puzzle, you’ll be glad to hear. In fact, I fully expect most of you to solve this one with not too many problems… but I am famously bad at predicting this sort of things, so who knows?

Take a look at this picture. It shows something ordinary enough – most people have them at home, and you can also find them at work. I actually keep one in the car, too! They’re useful objects and come in many sizes and colours, but while the shape can vary a bit, they are all basically the same.

Pop your answer in the comments, and I’ll be back tomorrow evening (Tuesday, UK time, probably around 10pm) with the answer!

Once again, I’ll be editing the comments to try to make sure that no clues are given by accidental reading of other people’s answers, but … well. Off you go – do your best, but above all, have fun!

Once you’ve taken a guess, pop on over to Lisa’s Chaos, where you’ll find a lot of other Macro Monday entries.

There – see? It was an easy one! Most of you got this right. First past the post is Karen from Chai and Chardonnay. Well done, Karen! And we know you didn’t have any answers to look at because before you came along there weren’t any! Tee hee.

Also winners were Carletta, Those Brindle Kids, Rob Lenihan and Herman Turnip (although they both peeked!), and Houndstooth. And Ron of Vent, gets this week’s prize for most creative guess with ‘wine bottle stopper’. I have no idea how you saw a wine bottle stopper in this pic, Ron, unless you saw three of them?

Thanks for playing everyone – and keep those creative guesses coming! See you all next week?