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Following my decision to make my own cakes and biscuits, I bought some silicone muffin trays and I dug out some recipes.  I found one for honey cake, and one for zucchini muffins!

I decided to boldly go where no-one make the attempt to substitute olive oil for the hard fats in the honey cake and cut down on the sugar in both.

It worked quite well, but I have to admit that the muffins were dry.  I didn’t really mind that, and I ate them for breakfast.  The honey cake was better, probably because of the amount of honey in it.  I finished that one before the zucchini muffins – and here I have to further admit that OH didn’t like either of them and refused to eat them at all.


However.  I now have another Umberto recipe!  This time it’s for carrot cake, and has the correct proportions of olive oil to flour etc.  It sounds delicious!

Guess what I’ll be baking tomorrow?

I don’t know whether to hope that OH likes the Torta Carota Umberto or not.  I mean, if he doesn’t like it, that means more for me, right?