Wow … July already! And is it hot? Well, actually, it is! How about that?

So, before you all rush outside to see the great flaming ball of burning gas that has been hiding so shyly behind the clouds lately, how about having a go at this week’s Macro Monday guessing game?

Oh good – you’re still here!

I took this picture in Son No. 2′s house, while B was sleeping and I was baby-sitting. The girls were also sleeping peacefully, so I thought I’d see what new macro shots I could find to confound you all with, and I think this is quite a good one!

Now, not everyone has one of these things. I didn’t have one for a very long time, and people kept being surprised that I didn’t have one, and extolling their virtues. My mother-in-law actually lent me one over Christmas one year, but I still wasn’t sold on it. However, eventually I gave in, and I do find mine useful. In fact, I use it nearly every day for the dogs.

It’s not a tiny object, but on the other hand, it’s not enormous either. Usually they’re kept on a shelf of some kind, but they weigh surprisingly little, and if they weren’t awkward, I think I could lift one with one hand.

I’ve know they have them in all the countries I’ve visited – admittedly not that many – and many countries I’ve never seen and never will. They all look pretty much the same. Many businesses use them, either in their dealings with the public, or behind the scenes.

Oh, and I should tell you that there is another part to it, but it’s not in the picture. It has to be removed from time to time for cleaning.

So take a close look and see if you recognise this. If you do, take your guess and pop the answer in the comments. I’ll be back, as usual, tomorrow evening to give you the answer in the form of a picture link. That’s Tuesday evening, of course, UK time.

Personally, I think this one’s easy, but we’ll see.

Have fun, don’t forget to check out the other entries – and good luck!

Aaaahhh!  That’s more like it!  Somewhere between a third and a half of you got this one right! Well done to Herman Turnip, Ron, Taffy’s Mum, Molly and Babs!  Herman Turnip gets the laurel, of course, since he was first – congratulations, my fine fellow!

I suppose the rest of you want to know what it was, now?  Here you go – a picture of the entire thing. You’ll kick yourselves, I bet! 

Thank you all so much for playing.  I always enjoy Macro Mondays, and I hope you do, too!