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North, South, East, West.   Well, I didn’t have to look too far for this one.  Tee hee!

From my store cupboard I brought out a variety of foods which we eat in this house.  From the left, clockwise, here’s what we have:

Peach and pear slices from Greece

Cashew nuts from India

Golden granulated sugar from Mauritius

Walnuts from the USA

Manuka honey from New Zealand

Tuna (pole and line caught, naturally) from The Maldives

Pumpkin seeds from China (there’s always one … )

Dates from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Oh, wait”, I hear you saying.  “You’re in England, right?  So where’s north?”

Here you go: a genuine bottle of Highland spring water from Scotland.


Now, there has been much discussion on the accuracy of your standard Mercator projection of the world map – this is the one you normally see printed – because the actual proportions of the countries are distorted and it’s hard to see where north, south, east and west actually are.

I used a newer projection called the Gall-Peters projection to try to get a handle on whether, in fact, any of my produce producing countries were actually south of here, and it seems the KSA actually is more or less south of England.   So is Greece.  Well, close enough to qualify for today, I think, anyway.

I have to go out for a while now, but I’m looking forward to coming back and checking out the other links which Mike and Ziva have for us.  I think there might be some interesting interpretations today.


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There you go: here’s my pressure cooker valve, caught in the act of rising!  It was just coming up to pressure and I was standing there waiting for the second red line to show, which means that it’s reached a pressure of 15lb per square inch inside, and the heat can be reduced.

And as I stood there, waiting and wondering what on earth I was going to photograph for today’s challenge, I suddenly realised what I was doing.  Or rather, what the pressure cooker valve was doing.  You see, my dear old Mum used to simply say she was waiting for it to ‘come up’, so I didn’t even think of the word ‘rising’ for a long while.

Anyway. My pressure cooker, with the dogs’ dinner inside, is your photo for today.  Are you glad you can’t smell it?  It’s okay.  Just a stew of beef mince and two turkey legs.

Mike and Ziva have links to more photos.  No doubt even more bizarre than this one!



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You know that saying ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’?  Well this is a good example of the truth of that saying.  Not that these are meat, or even food, but you do eat them.

Or you do if you’re not deathly allergic to them.  If, like me, you are allergic to them, you don’t eat them because to you, they are poison.  Okay, now I feel as if I’m on Team Lame.   Oh well.  Go see Ziva or Mike – you’ll have better luck with someone else!

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Carnival. Looks like OH is ready!

And I didn’t even have to ask him to wear these socks. He chose them himself this morning, from his stash.

Go see Ziva and Mike for more interpretations of today’s prompt. I’m sure they’ll be more interesting than this one.