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Better late than never, so they say, but this is very late indeed.

Still, here it is, your Macro Monday puzzle for this week. It’s something which some households do have, and on very rare occasions, it’s been seen in my house too. However, most households in this country probably don’t use them on a regular basis.

We come across them from time to time, especially when we are away from home. They are useful, semi-decorative objects which serve a particular purpose. I don’t think that all countries use them, but I’ve certainly seen them in England, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Italy.

I think it’s pretty easy. You may not, but if you have an idea, pop your guess in the comments and I’ll be back around this time tomorrow to add the answer to the bottom of this post in the form of a picture link. ‘Kay?

Thanks for playing!

Oh, and by the way, does anyone know why the automatic box-filler-in thingy in the tag section wanted to change ‘guessing game’ to ‘bubonic plague’? Because I have no clue, and I assure you it’s not relevant!

Tuesday Evening

Well, I guess I should have made it plainer what I was looking for here. I meant you to guess what the whole object was, but of course, you all guessed at the most obvious part of it, which is entirely understandable! So in a way you’re all wrong, and yet you’re all right. Go here to see the answer.

Since you all guessed that it was folded tissue or napkins, I have to concede you all a ‘win’. But I meant you to guess ‘bread basket’!

I can promise you a doozy next week.  I have the picture all ready for you.  MWAHAHAHA!!

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Who thinks these things up? Well, we all know who thinks these things up, don’t we? And then they want gifts and adulation. Sheesh!

Now, my knowledge of Tolstoy and his famous novels is very limited. I know he was a Russian, name of Leo Tolstoy, and that he wrote a lot of dark stuff which people consider to be classics. I have to admit that I have never read one. I have, however seen the movie Anna Karenina, and this image represents the most powerful scene in that movie, as I experienced it.

When I saw this movie, I was working in a little Essex town called Witham. I got off my bus at the station in Witham every day, and walked down the hill to the veterinary practice where I was an animal nurse, or to be specific, a Registered Animal Nursing Auxiliary. Yes, we were trained nurses, but that’s what they called us then, because the Royal College of Nursing objected to the term ‘nurse’ being applied to the treatment of animals. What an arrogant piece of interference that was, and why the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons bowed to this petty piece of meddling I have no idea, but they did – despite the fact that (miraculously) the word ‘surgeon’ didn’t seem to have been devalued by the fact that, just like us nurses, the veterinary sort of surgeon also worked with animals instead of people.

Ah well. Anyway, back to Tolstoy.

Witham railway station was famous for the fact that it was a popular place to commit suicide by throwing oneself under a train.

And for your bonus today, I’d like to mention that this album came out during the last year of my time catching a bus at the station.

I can tell you, I sometimes used to feel quite queasy as I stood there trying not think of all the blood on those particular tracks.

Go see Ziva or Mike for more links!

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I’m up early today, having fallen into bed last night exhausted at an unusually timely hour. And what do I see? Instead of the morning sun pouring like honey into my lounge, I am met by misty windows.

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to clean UPVC double glazed windows when the seal is gone and the mistiness is on the inside? Between the two panes of glass?

Luckily for me, in this case it’s mostly on the outside, being a result of the hot day/cold night effect of autumn weather, and should clean off with a damp rag. There is actually only one leaky unit. Which is good, because not only are window replacements expensive, but can be very unpleasant if the weather changes and the workmen arrive bringing rain and gusty winds along with your windows.

Pop along to Ziva’s Inferno or Too Many Mornings to see what frustrates other people!

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I’m very tired, having been out all day, so I hope this is comprehensible (and reasonably accurate!) but this is the best I could come up with for ‘Anatomy’.  Vets love greyhounds because so much is on show, or at least palpable. There aren’t many dog breeds where you can see the musculature from ten paces!  Jeffie is thin enough, and Sid is well developed enough to allow it though, at least with the main muscle groups.  You can also see some bones and even blood vessels, like the long saphenous vein, easily visible here on both dogs.

I could have added a few more labels, but I figured this was enough to make the point, besides which I am lazy.

No doubt Ziva and Mike have more ‘Anatomy’ posts linked … if you dare!