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Phew.  At last I have a moment to come in here and post something for the 30 Day Photo Challenge.

I have been busy getting ready for the Great Greyhound Gathering which is tomorrow, and it’s little old me running the damn Brambleberry stand and responsible for every little thing being there and in its place.  OH has packed the trailer for me and will drive me there and help me set up, and take down at the end of the day, but apart from that, I’m on my own.  Sharon, the branch owner at Brambleberry Greyhounds RGT, will not be able to come due to sickness and holidays at the kennel.

One of the things I thought up for fundraising was a variation on the old ‘Guess how many beans in the jar’ game.  For my game you have a jar with a mixture of black and white beans and you have to guess the number of the white beans only.  For some reason, this really seems to throw people.  Anyway, I put together that hamper of dog goodies up there as the prize, and the cellophane wrapper is most certainly transparent .. apart from the white polka dots!

Crappy photo, but I don’t have time to do it again on a better background, and my camera battery is now on charge ready for tomorrow.

Go and see Ziva and Mike for better pictures!

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The word for day 19 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge is ‘Never’.

Jimmy was a donkey, born in the trenches of the Somme during World War One. His mother gave birth to him after being injured by a shell and he was brought up by the soldiers of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and became their mascot. He was posthumously awarded the highest military honour available to an animal; the Dickin Medal for Bravery.

This little donkey was invaluable in keeping up the morale of the troops in that hideous conflict, living as they were like rats – and among rats – in the waterlogged trenches of the battlefields and enduring injury, death, disease and privation unknown to previous conflicts, including the use of poison gas. Field hospitals were primitive and many soldiers were shipped back to England with their wounds cared for in only the most basic way, many dying on the way home.

We must never forget the contribution made by animals in the wars waged by us. They are dragged into danger and terror, to help settle differences which are not of their making or of their concern. Most serve with amazing courage, and all serve with honour, because animals do not know how to be anything but honourable and true.

Jimmy’s memorial is in the little Central Park where we walk our dogs on a more or less weekly basis. I never pass it without thinking of him, and what his young life must have been like. He was brought home after the war and bought by a lady who gave him a very comfortable and sociable retirement, putting him to work on behalf of the RSPCA to help raise awareness and funds.

* I wrote this in a bit of a hurry yesterday and since then I’ve found more information about Jimmy, here.  For instance, he actually worked during the war carrying supplies, ammunition and wounded soldiers and was himself injured under fire, recovering each time.  He gave donkey rides to children as part of his duties as a representative of the RSPCA, and died of natural causes in 1943.

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Today’s word is ‘always’ which is a bit pissy, really, isn’t it? Apart from a certain feminine hygiene product I can think of nothing particularly easy on this one, and I refuse to post the FHP on the grounds that I don’t want to – not least because someone else is bound to do so!

So I’m left with this: don’t you find that there are things which ‘always’ happen at the most inconvenient times?  This is one of them.

And if it’s not actually ‘always’ it can certainly seem like it.

That’s all I’ve got – you might have better luck with other blogs.  Try Ziva’s Inferno and Too Many Mornings for the links.



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I can see that some of the prompts in this challenge are going to be really difficult.  However, the only difficulty for this one is choosing which of the piles of junk around here to photograph!  I am a self-confessed squirrel. I keep trying to reform, but so far it’s not working out that well.

The above pile of junk is stored in our motorhome, since there’s no space left in the house (not if we actually want to be able to walk through the rooms anyway).  It’s one of the better ones because strictly speaking a lot of it isn’t actually junk as such, being merchandise and so on for Brambleberry Greyhounds RGT, for whom I am a volunteer fundraiser.  A lot of it is junk, however, because people keep giving me stuff for car boot sales etc, and a lot of that stuff tends to hang around because it hasn’t sold.  Yet.

There is also the junk which I buy (or simply hang onto) thinking it’ll be useful one day in setting up the stand at a show, or to make into something to sell.  It often doesn’t get used, and still I hang onto the wretched stuff because I can’t bring myself to throw it away.

It’s tough being me at times.  It’s even tougher being OH and having to live with me.

Ziva and Mike have links for more photos in this challenge.  Almost all of them are probably more uplifting than this one.