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The word for today is Biblical, and because this is Monday – the day I traditionally pose puzzles here on The Depp Effect – I have a question for you:

Which of the photos shown here has the Biblical connection?   Which of them would you associate with the Bible, and why?  Am I pushing the limits?  You be the judge!


The answer is that they both do.  You see, as my dog friends will already know, young Jeffie* is a fine specimen of a greyhound, the only breed of dog mentioned by name in the Bible.

And the spiky plant is a Euphorbia Milii, also known as the Crown of Thorns plant.

Do pop along and check out the other entries for the 30 Day Photo Challenge. You can find them linked via Ziva’s Inferno and also on Too Many Mornings.

* Well, OK, he’s a grey-faced senior, but at 11 years old he still seems young compared to me!



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Here you go, ladies and gentlemen!   Yet another enigma for you to solve.

For Macro Monday 2 this week, I have a common enough object, which – as far as I am aware – functions pretty much the same across the globe, and although there may possibly be societies in which this things are unknown, most of the civilised world uses them.

Or should I say ‘continues to use them for the moment’?¬† Because these things are as old as dirt, as the saying goes.¬† There is a reference to the use of the earliest known form of this in China in AD 577, so that’s pretty old, isn’t it?¬† They weren’t quite the same but they were the very beginning.

Puzzled yet?  Oh good!

For those of you who have solved this brain-teaser already, pop your answer in the comments and come back tomorrow (Tuesday evening UK time) to see if you are correct.

You’ll find them in ordinary households, and many workplaces, and in shops.¬† You’ll come across them in various types of accommodation both temporary and permanent, and some people feel lost without them.¬† Their uses?¬† Well, strictly speaking, they have only one function, but they do have many uses.

Give it your best shot, and I’ll be back with the answer tomorrow.¬† Happy guessing!

Oooh, I do love it when I beat some of you and you don’t get it!¬† However, I also love it when some of you do, so we both win this week!

Go here to see the whole picture.

So, who got it right this week?¬† Well, first (as usual) we have Babs of Beetle Blog, then comes Genji’s Corner followed by Houndstooth.¬† Well done all of you.

Thanks for playing, everyone – see you next week!

China-1So, the word today is ‘china’, and I have managed – by some minor miracle – to find you some china which wasn’t made in China.¬† This china was made in France, by Le Creuset.

Do you know what it is?

Nope, not a sugar bowl or even a ‘random pot for putting things in’.¬† It has one particular, very special, and very useful purpose.


No?¬† Still don’t know?

How about now?


Well, alright then.¬† I shall have to tell you, if you haven’t guessed.¬† It is a butter butler.¬† You fill the base up to the line with cold water, squish some butter into the bell shape attached to the lid, carefully up-end it into the water, et voil√†!¬† Your beurre will remain froid without the need of le r√©frig√©rateur.


It really works!  And it is so nice to be able to spread your butter without tearing holes in your bread.

There you go.¬† A fun and edumacashunal post today.¬† I bet you Photo Challengers didn’t think you’d see that from me!

Go and see Ziva or Mike for more entertainment – with or without humour!



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And the word for today is ‘NSFW’.

Now, I’m not entirely sure about this one. I had to look it up on Google, where I discovered that ‘NSFW’ means, in internet slang ‘Not Suitable for Work’.¬† My first thought, however, was that it was a typo and should have said ‘NSEW’ as in ‘north, south, east and west’.

This photo rather cleverly encompasses (tee hee) both meanings, if I do say so myself.  First you have the enormous unsuitability-for-the-workplace of a small but extremely comprehensive spirits and liqueurs bar, complete with sugar and spoon for your shot of Absinthe, but these bottles are indeed gathered from many far-flung places: Scotland, Italy, France, Jamaica and South America to name a few.

I think that’ll do, don’t you, Ziva and Mike?

And yes. That ‘Pirate’s Pub’ is in our house!¬† I keep meaning to paint the apostrophe in, but I haven’t got around to it yet.