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Well, okay, maybe I’ve been falling down on the job lately, but I am, basically, still upright!  And several people have very kindly expressed concern about me and my disappearance so I thought I’d better show myself.

I have two or three posts half written, but I’ve been busy with family and with fundraising for Brambleberry Greyhounds in the run-up to Christmas – it’s the busiest time of the year for charities, you know!  I am sending out the last of the calendars tomorrow, and I’ve just listed the last dozen or so Christmas cards on eBay, and only have two more Meet & Greets to do, so I’m beginning to see the end in sight.  I still have the bulk of the Christmas shopping to do and I haven’t ordered the turkey or even begun to think about what to offer the non-turkey people for dinner, but hey, I still have a little time, do I not?

OH has had a DVT.  It’s been worrying, but it appears he’s going to live, which is nice. He’s on warfarin, of course and he’s misbehaving now and then over the rules both for that and for his type 2 diabetes, but what’s new?  He was told he’s supposed to eat regularly and not change his intake too much, so what had he eaten today, up till 6.30pm this evening?  One yoghurt.  And yes, that is quite startlingly different to what he eats most days.  Oh well – what can you do?


Sid is not so good, and I think he may have a foreign body in his paw as he did once before, which is no fun for a three legged dog.  He has been to the vet but I think I’m going to have to take him back again – these things can be so hard to find.  Jeffie is … Jeffie!  He’s fine, though I have had to put a jumper on him at night so he doesn’t wake up and whine at me.


Me, I’ve been staggering around like the little old grey-haired lady that I always tell people I am.  My knee is hurting, my back is therefore also hurting and so is my neck.  Stress is beginning to mount.  But hey – what’s new?

Anyway, that’s the round-up of my excuses for not blogging since mid-November, or visiting you lovely people.

I’m still here, though, and I will (as Arnie famously said) be back.