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“Wow!” I said to OH, as we stood in Sainsbury’s car park gazing in awe at this .. this .. this … well, ‘car’ seems so inadequate, doesn’t it? It’s like something out of Dan Dare*.

It’s an Aston Martin, a fact which OH somehow knew immediately, while I was still being dazzled by its gleaming perfection. Its body is made of polished chrome and it’s quite possibly the shiniest car in the whole world.

It sat there on the tarmac with an air of long-suffering patience, clearly believing itself to be slumming it with the more pedestrian, and considerably dirtier, vehicles around it. I was kind of surprised it didn’t have an armed guard .. but then maybe its personal security system does include one hidden away somewhere, complete with canisters of dye, deafening sirens and (possibly) cattle prods which shoot out at you if you approach within 12 inches.

Anyway. We stood and admired it for some time (from a safe distance) before continuing on to do our shopping.

It is indeed a thing of beauty .. we both agreed on that. At least, I imagine it is until you’re following it in heavy traffic on a bright, cloudless day. Then, I suspect, it will turn into That Bloody Evil Car as the sunlight splinters off its universally reflective surface and stabs you in both eyes, making you feel as if someone is attacking you with ice picks and making it impossible to see where you’re going past the ‘sunspots’ in your field of vision. I can imagine many and varied aspersions would be cast upon its designer, its owner, and everyone who had the smallest hand in its manufacture.

What do you think?

* Dan Dare, for those too young to remember (or not UK citizens) was a futuristic strip cartoon story in The Eagle, a magazine for boys back in the fifties and sixties.