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Today was Brambleberry Greyhounds first greyhound ‘play date’ of the year.

The kennel where Sid goes for his hydrotherapy sessions is kind enough to loan us the use of one of their fields in exchange for a donation to the Retired Greyhound Trust – we only charge £1 per dog, so it’s affordable for everyone – and with a few simple rules in place, the dogs are introduced to each other and if everyone gets along, let off leash for free running and play.


It’s always fun to see greyhounds meet each other.  Even the least sociable will perk up when they meet others of their own kind.  The dogs in the pictures are muzzled, but only because dogs running together in a group can get excited and nip as they run, and greyhounds have such thin skin that injuries can result.  The exception is Amy, a lovely old soul of fourteen years, who pottered around on her shaky old legs and did no running at all. The others were all pretty respectful of her and for the most part left her alone, although Sid took a shine to her, and she apparently liked him, too.


Pretty little Poppy kept throwing herself to the ground and rolling around in delight.  I didn’t manage to get a good picture of her wriggling, which is sad, because it was most amusing.


After the first flush of freedom wore off, everybody settled down and they all just trotted around exploring the field, the agility equipment and each other, and making friends with the humans.  And of course, trying to get the silly plastic things off their faces by goosing everyone.  Poor OH is at exactly the wrong height .. from his point of view.  The hounds seemed to think he was exactly the right height to use as a scraping tool, and seemed oblivious to his yelps.  Perhaps they thought he was enjoying the game.

They did it to everyone though.  No favourites!


And Sid proved that he’s feeling much better, now, thank you.  He ran so fast today that my heart was in my mouth.  He did step awkwardly at one point and yelp, but he carried straight on and doesn’t appear to have done himself any lasting harm.  He had so much fun, bless him.

Here he is proving that you can’t catch him, no matter if he is missing a leg.







A bag of lentil chips.

Yes, it really is.

I first bought these when I was on a gluten-free trial but they are just so delicious that I continue to buy them – when I can find them. Well, I haven’t been up to going shopping lately, but OH popped out this morning and brought back three bags of these delicious morsels.

And I can even feel relatively virtuous, because I have discovered that pulses count towards your five seven a day*!

I’m trying to eat healthily while I’m fighting off this damn bug, so I’m doing my best with the ever-increasing portions of fruit & veg we’re supposed to suck down each day.  Today I’ve had a banana, a portion of tinned peaches, a big bowl of home-made vegetable soup and a couple of large handfuls of lentil chips.  that’s good right?  And it’s not even dinner time yet.


* Which might be nine a day by next week.

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It appears that there is this challenge going around on Facebook called ‘100 Days of Happiness‘ Well. This reminded me of my own little ‘How to be happy’ mini-series I had going before things went crazy around here, so I went and had a little look.

I’m not sure I want to write something personal about me on Facebook every day, not when I could be posting it here and linking it.

So here we go: I am going to try, every day for 100 days, to post something that has made me happy – with a picture (if possible) to prove it. And today, what makes me happy is that I feel, at last, that I might be starting to get over this bug – I might be going to live, after all! Yay me!

And to prove it, I actually went out on the dog walk this morning. It was very short, and Sid was all for sniffing and moseying along quite gently so it was not too bad for my poor breathless self – and it was just so nice to be out of the house. Sid certainly thought so!

Later, I went out into the garden with my camera, which is something I really haven’t had the breath or the strength – or even, let’s face it, the will – to do for over a week.

It was delightful. The sun shone, and the air was warm and full of little winged creatures and the gentle scent of spring flowers. Beetles scurried along in the earth. Leaves burgeoned and seeds sprouted. There were even hyacinths! And that made me particularly happy, because I knew I’d planted six, but when I looked a week ago only four had come up, and here they are today, all present and correct!


One thing that made me especially happy was to see so many bees buzzing around in the apple blossom – honey bees, no less, so their numbers are recovering nicely. Heck, the apple blossom itself was so very pretty!


I saw a bee-fly, but couldn’t get a picture of him. And then I spotted a blue butterfly. The little blues seem to fly quicker than the larger types and I’ve seldom got a half-decent shot of one. But this one was feeling quite cooperative, which was nice.


Next door’s flowering cherry was a picture. It almost makes me want to plant one, but we are thinking of moving house, so that will have to wait. For now, I shall enjoy the one that rises above our fence and provides such a lovely contrast with the blue sky.


Of course, this evening I’m paying heavily for all this gadding about, but hopefully I’ll feel able to get out again tomorrow, and the next day, and of course, that’s how recovery happens, isn’t it?


I still have this wretched virus*.  It’s got to the stage where I don’t feel too bad unless I try to do anything, but that includes speaking.  So I am bored, a dead weight requiring help with the stupidest things, and can’t even swear about it because if I try to use the thread of voice which is left to me, I break out into paroxysms of coughing and then my asthma kicks in.

OH has been very helpful and he’s doing pretty much everything around the house. He’s cooking, cleaning, walking the dogs, etc, but he does keep trying make me laugh. 

He was in the conservatory this afternoon, with the back door open when I heard the following one-sided conversation:

OH:  Control tower to bee .. control tower to bee … come in, please!

OH: Control tower to bee.  Come down twenty feet and plot a course due south.

OH: Control tower to bee … Come down …What are you doing, you daft bugger!

OH: Oh .. *sigh* .. suit yourself.

Once I’d got my breath back, I got it outside with the fishing net.  One can only assume its radio must’ve been broken.


* I was going to say ‘bug’ but I thought it might be confusing.